Thursday, February 12, 2009


as soon as i say something about it, it happens even more.
being the boss at work it not fun. last week i had 15 people reporting to me. now i have nine. two weeks from now i'll have eight, maybe six. it's nice to be on top, but you soon realize you're only on top of your own little pile, which is at the foot of a much larger pile. ironically, being on top also means feeling the weight of everything. maybe it's just me.

i do know i could do without the stress.

UPDATE: make that possibly four people X(


My name is Dianna said...

that's me in charge of 4 sometimes 5 people in the small stagnant pool off the even lesser stream, yes the weight can be crushing....hopefully my power will help them all make it up stream even when the stream is bone dry....tell me please, why the hell mother's don't receive a paycheck?

i don't like your use of the word pile, so much...
it reminds me of the heaps in my backyard...people are not equivilant in a humanitarian mindframe...i'm just sayin'

Thister said...

Sorry to hear that, Pat! At the very least, though, you are gaining experience to become a better boss.

Look on the positive side, if you can!