Saturday, September 3, 2005

Fung Schway

I know that's not how you really spell it.

So, we kicked my roommate out. It was awesome. Not really. But he's gone. And our buddy Michael (that's Sergeant Michael to you) is moving in. Only right now, he's at PLDC (sergeant training) at Ft. Benning, so his girlfriend and my homey Hazel has been moving him in and setting his room up. And that got me realizing. I've been in my house since May 20! It's high time I changed my furniture around in my bedroom! So I did that last night. It was an undertaking to be sure. I have to do it every four or five months, just to keep stuff fresh. And it has to look awesome, and it doesn't necessarily have to be practical (i was about to put my couch diagonally in the middle of the room). So but I got it done basically. It looks pretty good. It'll do. But Hazel and VAKing are right...I have a LOT of stuff. Good thing my bedroom is huge.

You know, I'm a jerk. I realized that I don't read and post on other blogs NEARLY as much as anybody else. So I'm gonna work on that. I promise. I am reading you guys' stuff. I swear.

I got my plane ticket. Will and Sarah, I love you. I'm flying out of BIRMINGHAM to save $100 dollars. I'm also having my wisdom teeth out in two weeks. YIKES. I hate needles. Needles and snakes. Somebody mentioned needles and snakes in the same sentence the other day. My brain imploded, I freaked out so bad. (That's why this post is so stupid)

Um, watch the movie American Splendor. You won't regret it. Also, I'm currently reading some awesome comic books. New Avengers is awesome.

The Georgia Bulldogs kick off their season today in Athens against Boise State. GGGGo Dawgs.

Oh Bri, guess what? I watched one of my videos from the Creek last week. It was awesome. I was helping a buddy set up his camera and computer and we ended up talking about it and I showed it to him. It made me think of you. And yeah, I probably do owe you money. What's $10 with five years interest?


Will Sansbury said...

If you happen to buy the new X-men that Joss Whedon is writing, I'd like to read them, please! :)

I'm such a dork, but I don't care!

Sara said...

I love American Splendor. Great movie...Furniture placement is very important and so important that I am the complete opposite of you. Once I have found the perfect placement, I do not change it until I move again.

Bri said...

yo yo patrick. i think about $50 will get you caught up. i'll be waiting. i am in california visiting my sister and have had so much fun. look for photos tomorrow when i get back to kc i'll be posting. right now i am waiting for midnight to roll around so i can print out my boarding pass and then i fly back tomorrow am... im glad you got to watch the cc videos.. i should break mine out. it makes it so much easier to explain camp to folks when you can show them the video... i miss yl. i am such a heathen now. haha.

Meredith said...

Wow! I was thinking about you the other day, and then MySpace led me over here. How are you?!? Hit me back or just check out my blog.

Oh, Jessi Costa & Katherine Blackmon and I were just talking about how long it's been since the three of us were in a Bible study together (we're in a new one @ COTN.)

Great blog!