Tuesday, September 20, 2005


i saw bree make this little face and i liked it, so there you go.
i have this married couple friends, jo (girl) and jamie (guy), and they have been in france and morocco for about two and a half years, and they just came home. they were here in augusta last night to have dinner with me and rodger and angela, and they told me they went to london for most of the summer before they came home. "what did you do there?" i queried. jamie says, "i drank beer. oh, and i ate pork." i thought he was kidding, but no that's what he did in london all summer. as we all know, morocco is an arab nation, and alcohol and pork are forbidden, and jamie, as skinny as he is, lost about 20 pounds because he couldn't drink beer. but, he did get some of his beer belly back over the summer (a very little bit of it), and i'm proud of him. and when i came for dinner last night, i brought him some honey brown and killians red. it was so good to see them i almost wet myself.
so, the other day i nutted up and called a girl. that was huge. and it went very well, so we'll see how that goes.
right now i feel very un-creative, because i just read the blog of these friends of bri's, and it was real funny and i don't feel funny anymore. so go read their blog. it will make you laugh. O_o

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Bri said...

patrick, you are still funny. its so good to connect with you over blogworld. i like being able to check in with you. it would be fun if everyone from CC had a blog and we could be all up to date all the time. dangit. why is no one else from that summer as cool as us??