Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sunday morning...

"sunday morning rain is falling..."

even though, at this point in my life, i DETEST maroon 5, i can still appreciate the fact that they had some good songs. unfortunately, that album represents a weekend that i would looooooovve to forget, and so, i can't listen to it anymore. i sold my copy to a cd store. ah well.

so, i got off of work at three yesterday, went home, showered, put on fresh garments, etc, etc, went to a sports bar to watch about three hours of a football game that nearly gave me a heart attack. why do i do this? i don't know. we didn't blow them away like we should have, we actually barely won. i'm sitting in a room full of grown men and women, with 12 different football games on, and i'm screaming. AT THE TV. nachos, beer, and yelling. i've come to the conclusion that we men are silly. we are silly men and we do silly things. but we have fun. unless we are losing. then we are just spending money.

new roommate has moved in, finally. he's already been more fun in 2 days than the old one was in four months. so, good times for the hotel. (the hotel is the name of our house...sweet, eh?)

a quick note on phone messages before i go. why do people get so uptight about leaving a message. "hey, i called you earlier." "did you leave a message?" " wasn't imp-" "WELL if you didn't leave a message then why would i call you back?!" "because it wasn't imp-" "I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DON'T LEAVE MESSAGES!!" "ok." i've had this conversation many times, in many varying forms. virginia and i have this conversation a lot, but she just likes to pick on me. she doesn't get upset like SOME people do. so, attention universe: i may call you, and if it's not important and you don't answer, i'm not gonna leave a message. if i'm calling you to ride to the grocery store, i'm not gonna leave a message. if i'm calling you to go on a date, i probably will leave a message. i make no apologies, and i will not change, so NYAH!

i think i'm going to start saying the word "ruddy." you know, the way british people use it. kinda the way they say "bloody," but instead it's "ruddy." but i'll wait til the next post so i don't weird anybody out.

oh, and hey meredith! :)

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Meredith said...

Gary kept telling me to "stop eating the beads". They're throwing red, black, and silver mardi gras style beads around like candy these couple of weeks. I think that game took a couple of years off my life their, so I feel your pain. When are you coming up this way again?

ok, why do guys name their houses/places of habitation? I don't get it.