Saturday, May 13, 2006

I have the rage again.

BUT, i'm not gonna talk about him on here, like he's talked about me to a whole bunch of people. let's just say somebody needs to learn some responsibility. you're 24, and you need to be a man of your word.

my cousin graduated from mcg today. top of her class. now she and her husband are going to spain for two years, and then she's starting her residency at yale. she's the white sheep of our family. tonight, i went to her house for her graduation party. she and her husband live in a frickin mansion over on the savannah river. it was a good party. some of my family were there, as well as some of her husband's family, and some business partners. let me tell you, rich white women are crazy. and loud. and one old guy had on a purple suede jacket. of course, i'm talking to my other cousin (mcg's brother), and he says, "man i want one of those jackets." he was dead serious.

my cousin's husband is jason. his brother dustin was there, and it was hilarious to watch them hit each other, and play jokes on each other. we decided that no matter how old brothers get, they will always be like that. about a year ago, before my brother moved out of gainesville, i was at his house helping him pressure wash his back patio. i was at the hose rolling it up on the roley-cart thingy. and the house was going out between my legs and out into the yard as i was rolling it up. and so of course, my brother walks out into the yard, grabs the end of the hose, and cracks it like a whip. the wave goes all the way across the yard, wave by wave, right into my crotch. i fall down in pain. he falls down in laughter. he's 35.


and he still tells that story.

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