Friday, May 5, 2006

THE ONE WHERE PAT quits doing that.

ooh. a rhyme.

so the other day i saw lacy at pj's (killer coffee house, best italian cream soda ever), and she and i got to talking about car wrecks, because she had just had one. all-of-the-sudden, i was reminded of a story, which i told her, and i am now going to tell you. well, it's not so much a story as a mere remembrance, but it made for a funny conversation.

the day before i turned 17 (which has been about 11 years ago now), i ran a stop sign and hit a car. i barely hit it, and nobody was injured and my ticket was only $36. that night my brother calls and says, "let me talk to mario andretti." my freshman year in high school, i got into a fight at school. that night my brother called and said, "let me talk to mike tyson." my brother is hilarious. so i'm recalling this in my conversation to lacy. and i told her, "last year after my nephew was born, my brother went and got know....the boys removed. i was going to call him and ask to talk to somebody funny, but i couldn't think of anybody." lacy's reply:

"you should have asked to talk to john wayne bobbitt."

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