Monday, June 12, 2006

A List...

I AM unsatisfied.
I WANT to start over.
I WISH married friends had single friend time.
I HATE heat.
I MISS the grunge era.
I FEAR unsuccessfulness.
I HEAR ben folds, kawasaki engines.
I WONDER if i'll ever lose 80 lbs.
I REGRET way too many things for a 28-year-old.
I AM NOT as angry as i seem.
I DANCE pretty well for a big white guy.
I SING worse than i did when i was in college, but still well.
I CRY quietly.
I MAKE too much sense for my own good.
I WRITE schizophrenically. no, seriously, i do.
I NEED a purpose.
I SHOULD read my bible.
I START enthusiastically.
I FINISH reluctantly.
I'M GLAD human life span is not 29 years.
(thanks, sara.)
i'm feeling top-5 ish, so...

Top 5 songs when you are down
1. Skin (Vigilantes of Love)
2. Raining in Baltimore (Counting Crows)
3. Fred Jones, pt. 2 (Ben Folds)
4. I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You (Colin Hay)
5. Fade Into You (Mazzy Star)

i may update this list later, but these are the ones for now. they just match the mood, you know? montage songs.

listen to turin brakes.


kristen said...

Word. In no particular order...

1. Strange and Beautiful (Aqualung)
2. Casimir Pulaski Day (Sufjan Stevens)
3. The Luckiest (Ben Folds)
4. The Promise (Tracy Chapman)
5. Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You (Colin Hay)

Dottie said...

in no particular order

1. Ecetera, Whatever (Over the Rhine)
2. Takes Alot of Love (David Gray)
3. Really (Nellie McKay)
4. I'm Gonna Lock My Heart (Billie Holiday)
5. I'm So Lonesome (Elvis Presley)

Sara said...

Okay, these are songs that I listen to if I have no desire to feel better...only wallow...

Here Comes the Flood (Peter Gabriel)
Still Fighting It (Ben Folds)
Language of the Heart (David Wilcox)
Far Away Blues (Joe Purdy)
Mercy, Mercy Me (Marvin Gaye)

Bree said...

Pretty much anything by The Smashing Pumpkins keeps me angsty when I want to be angsty, but "Tear" in particular is a good one.

Billy Corgan was the original Emo Kid. Bald emo kid, but emo kid nonetheless. LOL!