Monday, June 12, 2006


married friends ar dum. poop on thems.

so, if you haven't seen the movie CARS, drop all that you are doing and go see it now. it is absolutely awesome. splendiferous, even. the only thing i didn't like about the movie is rascal flatts trying to sing 'life is a highway.' they need to stick to their own crap.

me and sean are almost moved into our apartment. soon, there will be festivities, games and merriment. in a very small space. so, you know, come on over!

oh, and if you know of any jobs, let me know so that i can apply and get turned down for them.

thanks. o_O

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kristen said...

You're not supposed to be doing fun things while I'm gone (like going to movies). Here is a list of approved activities:
1. Sit in darkened rooms pondering the silence.
2. Work.
3. Clean and/or move things into your apartment.
4. 32,776, 57,663, 46,982, 1
5. Compose and perform odes and epic poems hailing my return.

That is all.