Saturday, July 4, 2009

ah who am i kidding

no blog is worth paying for. this one is awesome. in the meantime, i did do something cool there that i am going to transfer to here. and that is #killfatty.

fatty = me.
me = veryveryfat
any questions?

over the last four years i have gained many many pounds due to never ever doing anything ever, with a little depression and an addiction to FAsT food sprinkled in the mix. so now i'm done with that.

I'm going to move #killfatty over to blogspot, where it belongs. i think i will start a separate one, instead of doing it here at Metal Heart/TheWardrobeDoor. i'll give a link soon. in the meantime, to give you an idea of the hell i just went through in the last 30 minutes. here is a copy of my last eight tweets:

~~If you have ever wondered what it's like to do a nasal wash,I will tell you: it's like drowning in the ocean. on purpose. 15 times.

~~Snotty salt water tastes awful. It also smells & sounds awful. When I squirted the nasal wash in my nose, it came out my mouth nose & ears.

~~You know what I love? Drowning. On purpose. By hand. 15 times.

~~Two of my last four posts were very similar. Nearly drowning
by hand on purpose kinda makes you go crazy.

~~I'm starting to think maybe I should just enjoy my sinus
troubles and never do that again. ::shudder::

~~Worst feeling ever: Feeling like you have saltwater in your
eyeballs, whilST living four hours from any beach.

~~I mean, how do you almost drown while standing up in your

~~HAHA! I think I will try the nasal wash on my dog Hobbes. #owsombodygetmeabitekitiambleeding

Well anyway, enough is enough. Goodnight all. DON'T use a nasal wash unless you ABSOLUTELY have to.

The end.


Bree said...

I've been told the netty pot is the best way to keep your sinuses happy, but after I watched the video of the guy from Toothpaste for Dinner do a nasal wash with hot (maybe cold, hard to tell) coffee, I knew it would never, ever happen for me.

Jo said...

YAY! You're blogging again! :)

Are you sure you're doing it right? I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to snort the water...

patrick said...

actually it was in a squeezable bottle, and it SHOT up there. terrifying.

Kristen said...

Keffy has to do the sinus wash thing - you should ask her for tips.

Angela said...

hey dude! this is right up my alley. i have a netty pot. you should not feel like you are drowning when you do it. i love mine. when you visit i'll demonstrate. very easy and kind of silly-looking but great with the washing those noses. ;)

p.s. i think the problem is that since we were toddlers, we were told "NEVER put anything up your nose!" we're programed to obey the childhood command. we're just trying to be good little toddlers. moms everywhere would be proud.

patrick said...

well, they never said "don't blast salty water up your nose."

you know me, i have to be told things SPECIFICALLY.