Friday, July 10, 2009

random 25

I don't know why I love doing this but I do. It's Friday, I'm at work, time to see how my computer is feeling. You know, musically.

Trash Can Hands
- Zao (from the album,
Self-Titled)(death metal at its finest. just recently read an article about them written by andrew schwab from Project 86. cool, right?)

Naked As We Came - Iron & Wine (Can't remember the exact story, but I think I heard him cover Postal Service on the Garden State soundtrack, and then around that time I met Kristen and we started talking about them. I bought this album at Borders, I believe.)

Jamaican Bobsledding Chant - Wailing Souls (obviously from the Cool Runnings soundtrack, which I didn't even know I had. Great movie though.)

Moment #72 - Appleseed Cast (I love this band, despite the fact that I don't know the words to any of their songs and I've never seen them live. I need to get their new album.)

Orestes - A Perfect Circle (even if you don't like heavier rock/alternative music, you would be at least impressed my this band. i still get chills when i listen to "Emotive.")

Talking Bird (demo) - Death Cab for Cutie (from the new Open Door E.P. song is pretty good. Bree loves it.)

As It Stands - The Juliana Theory (Great song from the album Love. My friend Sarah hates his voice, but I love it. And I love this band. Jo loves them also.)

The Drum Thing - John Coltrane (from Crescent. The drummer on this album, Elvin Jones, is sick. This song makes me so happy. I'm going to repeat it before I move on.)

L-O-V-E - Dane Cook (I have a love-hate relationship with Dane. He's funny and his style is really intense, but he just goes too far sometimes. I try not to listen to him all the time.)

Do the Pigeon - Pigeon John (John is one of my favorite MC's ever. He has maybe the most original style on the planet. And he's smart. And he's hilarious. And his beats are awesome. "Hi my name is John I don't make a lot of money I'm a nice guy so I don't expect a lotta honey.")

Never Know - Jack Johnson (from In Between Dreams, which has probably my favorite JJ song, which of course is Banana Pancakes.)

Elite - The Deftones (wow. a lot of songs on this list that I haven't heard in a while. definitely one of my favorite all time hardcore bands. this song makes me want to headbutt a wall.)

Við spilum endalaust - Sigur Rós (title means "We Play Endlessly." I don't know what these guys are talking about, but they are good.)

Doomsday Stomp - Project 86 (speaking of andrew schwab...My friend Josh said he didn't like this album. My friend Josh is an idiot. Don't worry, I already told him.)

--my computer is feeling the heavy music today, epecially since i've been listening to a lot of singer songwriters lately--

In the Light - Led Zepplin (if there's anything i can say about Robert Plant, it's this: His album with Alison Krauss sucked and should not have won album of the year. /rant.)

Sabotage - Beastie Boys (Probably their most accessible song ever. Probably because it sounded less like rap and more like rock. Awesome song, though. And one of my favorite videos ever.)

Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos) - The Highwaymen (hmm...I'm trying to remember why I have this, other than Johnny Cash. Well, and Willie Nelson, but only for comedic purposes. I don't even know who Johnny Rodriguez is.)

Pay It Back - Elvis Costello (He is a legend and there's no doubt about it. But I love Mr. Costello for a different reason. He helped put the Fairfield Four, one of the oldest black gospel groups ever, on the map. They ended up being in (the movie) and on (the soundtrack of) O Brother Where Art Thou (they were the guys at the end that were digging the graves and singing). Costello heard them one year and invited them to play at his music festival in London, where they brought the house down. It's a good story, I know.)

Barracuda - People In Planes (I found out about this group from my friend Tysen. They are british, which doesn't surprise me, given how good they are. Plus, they have a song called "If You Talk Too Much My Head Will Explode." Heck, this song says "Don't Play Scuba with a Barracuda." How cool is that?)

Turn On Me - The Shins (I love this CD. I love this song. But, on a side note, reading the name of this song always makes me think of Take On Me by Aha.)

Sad Semester - Twothirtyeight (As much I like them, I don't know them very well. Jo loves them, though. And they are not a band anymore.)

The Boy's Gone - Jason Mraz (He's alright. Kristen is a fan. I do read his blog sometimes, though. It is linked down on the right.)

Dancing Nancies (live) - Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds (Their first live album was a huge hit. How come no one cares that they released another one? (this is Live at Radio City Music Hall))

C'mere - Interpol (I'm still ingesting these guys. I got into them a couple of years ago, when I flew to Hillary and Neil's, and I read a Paste magazine article about them.)

Hotel Yorba - The White Stripes (I. Do. Not. Like. Jack. White.)

Overall, not a bad shuffle. I think maybe I should go through my music and get rid of some crap though. Like Jack White. Yuck sandwich.


Bree said...

Jack White bad. Talking Bird good. :D

New Imogen Heap: Also good. Check it.

Kristen said...

I love Banana Pancakes!

Jack White isn't completely horrible...I like the Raconteurs.

Bree said...

Hmm. Forgot about The Raconteurs. I rescind the "bad" label for Jack White.

Dreamer said...

Appleseed Cast is incredible live. :)

And Juliana Theory takes me back to high school - good stuff!

Fun post.

Jo said...

Yes. Yes, I do. I heart the Juliana Theory. Always will. :)

Did I tell you that Brett Facebook Friended Anne Marie? Too funny!