Monday, August 8, 2005

What a wonderful world we live in

You know, it's ok to have an insecurity or two.

Hypothetical situation: Let's say I have a long nose. I'm Cyrano. And I'm embarassed. I hate it and I don't want people to see it. OK, I'm sitting in a room with my fair lady, alone. I have on a mask. She wants me to take off the mask and I don't want to. She asks why, and I tell her because I am embarassed of my nose, not just at that moment, but always. Now, my fair lady tells me that I have no right to be embarassed because SHE doesn't think it's wierd, and that I have no right to feel insecure. Well, I say my fair lady is not the only person in the universe, and that OTHER people could see it, do you see? And besides, MFL doesn't have any of those things anyway. No blemishes, no scars or moles. That's why she's my FAIR lady, not my hag lady. So, I will keep my hideous nose concealed, or at least yell at MFL if she brings it up again.

Last night was awesome. Hilarious movie with some good friends. Card games. OhandIbeatmyroommateatarmwrestling! Ha! I didn't just beat him, I injured him. His arm STILL hurts today. That's right. I'm awesome. Oh, and I rule at spoons.

Congratulations to Sophia Sansbury. Her father, Will, is a good friend and fellow blogger (see the "I don't dance anymore" blog, to the right). Today, Sophia was dedicated at church. And, as it's also her birthday, there was a party for her today. It was hilarious watching her smash the cake with her hands and wipe it all over herself and her hair and her face and her highchair. Great times. Will and Sarah and awesome parents and have an amazing child. Oh, and for her birthday, she got this Thomas the Tank Engine book, and on the cover it looks like Thomas is giving this hot lady engine the "eye." So I thought it was about him getting a girlfriend, but no dice.

And so, alllllll my teacher friends are going back to school now, and they are all going to be grumpy next week, so I think I'm just going to bid them all farewell until next spring. So, John, Rodger, Angela, Sarah, Jason, Vianne, Brandon, Heather, Cami, Kelsey, Adam, Claudia, Miss Debbie, Dan and Leslie, have a good year, don't kill any kids, and I'll see you next summer.

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