Tuesday, September 12, 2006

i know! i know!

(you asked the QUESTION!)

the music is not up on my page yet. i figured by the time monday morning rolled around, it would be there, but sadly no. me and will are trying to figure out the problem.

but in the meantime, isn't that picture pretty cool? i look pretty decent from a distance.

until the song comes up, hum something in your head. like this: hmmmmm hm hmmMMMM mmmhmmmmmm hmm mmMMMMmm MM MM Mm. ah yeah...that's nice.

i'm out.


chad said...

Mmm Hmmm...sure you wrote some songs. We believe you...really, we do!

Becky said...

"walk on the Ocean"...the one by Toad the Wet Sprocket or John Mayer...because I prefer TWS...

pat said...

um, well not that i don't love john, but glen phillips is unbelievable, so i will say toad the wet sprocket.

fer sher.