Thursday, September 7, 2006

more words for you

i'm going to use words like "the," "budget," "guitar," and "coma." whenever you see these words, scream.

you know, like peewee's playhouse?

anyway. this year has been really up and down. so much in fact that i wonder if i'm bipolar. i'm probably not, but who knows. is there anysuchthing as half-bipolar? would that be quarterpolar? semipolar? polar? bear? hm.

things have actually been looking up, i think. after a pretty serious financial disaster a couple of weeks ago, i met with a friend and he got me on a pretty serious budget. now, honestly, REALLY honestly, i am a HORRIBLE financial manager. i love to go out to eat and go to the movies (i've been to about 15 this summer already) and buy comic books. and i don't make that much anyway. so for him to say to me "get on this budget and stay on it" made me nervous, and then when he said "you are going to buy a house next year," well then my brain just exploded. and when it exploded, all the little chunks started laughing at him and pointing.


but he talked me in to it. and after a week, it's been pretty simple. i'm starting to think, why was this so hard for me all along? the truth was that i just had the wrong frame of mind about money, and jeff kinda pointed me in the right direction. and i've seriously been walking a little taller since then.

the other good things are threefold. (a) i got a raise. i may have already said that, but yeah, i got a raise, so that's good. (2) i'm working for my church now, too. it's not a lot of money (which i'm actually happy about), but it's good and it helps a lot. and (#) i'm pretty soon going to be getting a promotion and another raise (the promotion i'm sure about, the raise i'm pretty sure about). so these are all really good things.

and...i'm still fighting this feeling. it sucks because i have a lot of things to be cheery about, but still. i'm sure it's just me, but...whatever. i'll get over it.

the other cool thing is, i'm gonna start actually writing songs. i've got some stuff down already, and me and dottie went down to the fox's lair last night to scope it out. it ruled. next week i'm gonna play at open mic night, and me and my guitar are gonna rockout. oh and i wrote a worship song, too, and me and rodger are going to record it this weekend.

oh, and btw, dottie blew the doors off the place. she's awesome.

more later.

ps - this is what this section of the alphabet would look like if q and r were eliminated.

pss - coma. i couldn't think of anywhere to put it, so there it is. everybody scream.

psss - i just ripped up a quarter of my thumbnail. awesomes.


christie said...

proud of you!

Meredith said...

oh, ooOOOWWWWWWW! or that sounded like it hurt anyway . . .

congrats on the new budget, job, raise, and general outlook!

you've come a loooonng way from Norman J. Pitts! ;-)

pat said...

i can't beLIEVE you just brought up hi-tops!! not cool! :)

Meredith said...

like anyone else was gonna get that reference!? well . . . now they might, but that would be YOUr fault. ;P

Dottie said...

Had a good time at the Fox's Lair. Have fun recording and smoking cigars. I am so mad that I am not a guy sometimes.

Will Sansbury said...

you're cool. seriously.