Monday, September 18, 2006

there are some changes over to the right...

can you find them all? and do you know what they mean?

the dawgs won 34-0, that is fantastic. great day of college football this past saturday, every team that i wanted to lose, lost, except one. that would be florida, and i hate them the most. so oh well.

i will put more up tomorrow. right now i have a headache. and i have lots of laundry to do.

music update: the song is playing now. i'm gonna post the words there soon. i'm also about to record my second. and some of the other guys and i just started discussing putting them out on a disc, not unlike the two we have released so far, but probably not as done up as those. anyways, i'll keep you posted. let me know if the song sucks or not. i know i need to redo the vocals at the beginning, and i'm in the process of writing some non-worship songs, too.

ok that's it.

say goodbye.


Dottie said...

Thanks for wasting time with me. I really did need to avoid my mess for one more night and "Coming to America" was great. I began tackling it all the boxes of junk today. I am still up to my ears in stuff I don't know what to do with. Oh well. It'll get there.

Bree said...

If you do ever release a record, let me know. I'll buy one (spreading your music through potato land, one song at a time!)
from you. :D

Kristen said...


You should be reading The Gunslinger.

Dave Matthews Band songs.

The end.

pat said...

dottie - just burn it

bree - sweet! i'll send you free copies.

k - no i'm not. i am. you're smart. uy. syf.


chad said...

Sammich week?