Sunday, September 10, 2006

cool new ITEMS

right now, sarah sansbury is singing a song in my ear. it's awesome.

i finished my first song. it's a worship song, called On the Floor. it's at my new music page. And I wrote another song tonight called Broken Love, which is also a worship song, but could have gone either way. I hope to record it this week and put it up soon.

also, if you check my regular myspace at the right, i put up an awesome new song from pigeon john. please enjoy.

lastly, i've added a couple of new people to my list.

haley is kristen's sister. i've met her once and i've talked to her twice that many times. but she is really funny, and a fellow FRIENDSter.

bekah and i sang in some choirs together in college. she is one of the funnier people i've ever known, and a wonderful actress (tor?). she's good people.

adelle is the half-year-old of my college friends jo (girl) and jamie (dude). she is cuter than heck, and jo and jamie are great parents. jo loves dashboard confessional, jamie SHOULD have been a professional rapper, and thanks to them, i know of jack johnson. i love them.

lastly, but lauren is someone that i found by just randomly surfing around blogger. all of the sudden, i'm looking at a picture of this girl grinning really big in a clerical collar. we are immediate music and movie friends.

um, so that's it i guess. new myspace page for music, two new songs, and four new bloggy friends.

so, what's new with you?


Kristen said...

"Take good care of your Mama, son. ... Take good care of your Mama, son. ... Come on - Mama's good people!" (cries in pain)

And other than being a national television star: background-style, not much is new with me.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited b/c Zach Braff's "The Last Kiss" is coming out this Friday. The soundtrack, as usual, seems fabulous.

We can be Myspace friends now!


Bree said...

Oh man, the Last Kiss record is amazing...I've totally in love with it. I can't wait until the 15th for the movie! :D

Hey Pat! Your music page has no music. How can I hear your rad music if there's no music? *sadface*

Wicked rad that you're recording! That's awesome! :)

Hae said...

the illustrator's sister eh? it sounds like a good film title. maybe zach, the great soundtrack arranger could...uh, well...arrange the soundtrack.

Jo said...

You know, Pat, we sure love you, too. Thanks for the great comments about us. Adelle thinks you're fun... she told me so. It's why she laughed on your message while I was making puke noises. Huh... I bet anyone else reading this is like, "What the?". I am a tired, tired mommy. I should stop typing now before I write anything else stupid. Jo Mama out.