Wednesday, August 24, 2005


(1)i HATE it when friends start a conversation, and then decide they don't want to have it, and try to ignore the fact that they started it :)

(2)if anyone has any (or knows anyone that has any) original issues of GI Joe made by Marvel Comics, let me know. i'm on the prowl.

(3)my friend virginia just got back from 10 days in peru. my friend conor is leaving thursday for jerusalem for three months. oh, and DOTTIE left and moved back to freaking CAIRO, EGYPT and did NOT call to say GOODBYE. i hope you have jet lag (we missed you in kinship). i hang out with world travelers, yo.

(4)hunting season starts october 22, and i am excited. now, THERE is a news flash for some of you. i live in the south. i am NOT a redneck, i hate country music, and i don't dip or chew or anything. i listen to indie and hardcore and hip hop, i like coffee houses and i don't wear shoes unless i have to, i don't EVER wear cowboy boots, thank God (haha amanda), i have stickers on my hatchback car...yes all this, and i hunt deer. i'm sorry if that skewers some of your opinion of me. in self defense, i hunt for the food, not for the sport, and we even give some to homeless groups, but i make no excuse. i enjoy it. i'm also playing golf on saturday. mwaaahahahaha!

(5)"If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world." -c.s. lewis

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Dottie said...

Sorry Pat. I missed you guys too. I was planning on saying bye at home group on that last Monday night I was home, but it got canceled at the last minute and I never had a chance to say bye. Please forgive me. But I should see you in four months when I come home for Christmas.