Saturday, January 10, 2009

it's perfect for my o.c.d.

so, i'm at work today. and i always listen to music while i'm at work. and since i live in georgia, most people here hate my music. so i have on headphones. well, about 15 minutes ago i put on my headphones and, not feeling any one particular style of music today, i put my entire catalog on shuffle. and i looked down and there are exactly TEN. THOUSAND. SONGS. i feel awesome.

here's the first 25 of what played (skipping intro tracks and stuff like that):

enigma - miles davis (great way to start it off)
thetawaves - system of a down
hope to carry on - caedmon's call
just jammin' again - dave matthews band
come on eileen - dexy's midnight runners
side with the seeds - wilco
sabrosa - beastie boys (man, i need to pull that album out again)
mr. jones (live) - counting crows
whisper to a scream - icicle works (i LOVE 80's music...don't tell)
put back the stars - blindside
lovely 2 c u - goldfrapp (i know the song name is wank, but that's an awesome group)
find the river - r.e.m. (ha! this song sounds like 'stay' by lisa loeb when it first starts)
exit music (for a film) - radiohead (my last year of college, i would go to sleep at night with radiohead playing)
money for nothing - dire straits (one of the first videos i ever remember seeing on MTV)
dancing nancies - dave matthews band (EARLY version)(also one of the few dave songs i can play on guitar)
out of my mind - john mayer trio (let me just say, john is THE guitarist of our generation)
sma - chevelle
together - the raconteurs (i still don't think jack white is anything special)
port of entry - vigilantes of love (one of the many v.o.l. songs i had never heard before)
flora's secret - enya (i honestly don't know why)
water - lauryn hill (from the amazing unplugged album)
walk on - u2 (meh)
war within a breath - rage against the machine (i have to thank rodger for this...i never would have listened to this if not for his influence)
star slight - at the drive in
whoomp! there it is - tag team (i'm so happy this list ended on this song)

chris rock once said that 'livin' la vida loca' was the puerto rican 'whoomp there it is.' for the sake of the puerto rican people, i hope not.

happy saturday!


My name is Dianna said...

could I lend you mine...that looks like the sound track of my life, except, I didn't see any 10,000 maniacs

Dreamer said...

ah bliss - blindside, at the drive in, rage...pat, I think we could be friends. :) ok fine, you can be friends with my sister instead.

patrick said...

we're not friends? WTF?? i totally, like, comment on your blog and stuff!


Dreamer said...

WHAT?!?! You comment on my blog? I don't know, I'm not able to locate said comments... ;)

Okay. We're friends. But only because I heard you were gonna pound on my recommendation dude.

patrick said...

YEAH dude i'll kick his @$$!