Friday, January 16, 2009

this is how it started

i'm cleaning my room and minimizing my massive pile of stuff this week. this is how my room looked when i started. it's even worse off screen.


so far, two huge bags of clothes for goodwill and a large bag of trash for...the...trashcan. does anyone have some of those vacuum bags that i can shrink all my stuff with?


My name is Dianna said...

patrick are you related to my children? you can buy the bags in that place, i'd happily go for you but i can't get in there with out spending...too much money....they have different sizes this the beginning of the end of patrick joseph steed in augusta? sniffle sniffle....see you tomorrow, the show must go on.

Sara said...

I have the Space Saver bags. They are great. You will need a vacuum to suck the air out of the bag. I use them for blankets and clothes. Good idea.