Thursday, January 22, 2009

nom nom nom

i'm going to binge eat tonight. any suggestions on some good food for me?


Kristen said...

"I’m here to tell you something my friend, you can eat and eat and eat but nothing will ever fill that void."

I was debating between that one and

Will: Screw it, bring on the yams.
Monica: Oh, but Will, you've worked so hard!

There really IS a Friends quote for every situation.

Jo said...

I say go for Krispy Kremes - chocolate iced glazed, of course.

Nice use of Friends quotage, there, Kristen!

Anonymous said...


Angela Otero said...

It's a toss up:
Lantern if you want crispy duck with steamed dumplings
Carrborritos if you want Mexican
served with a bad attitude
Top of the Hill if you want to look down over a great town with too much beer in your belly
Tylers for the best burger and minced garilc fries ever.

BTW, a little commute required for all of the above.