Tuesday, January 27, 2009

wicked awesome fog

i took this on saturday night.
i was out trolling for food.

i thought it was beautiful.


Jo said...

Is it a UFO?

patrick said...


Bree said...

Streetlight Manifesto, eh Pat? Gorgeous.

Kristen said...

Pretty! I miss fog.

and also...

Lady: Are you a paleontologist?
Joey: No, God, no! No no, I'm an actor. You probably recognize me from a little show called "The Days of Our Lives."
Ross: Dude, it's just "Days of Our Lives." There's no "the."

All that to say - Dude, it's just Wandering Illustrator. There's no "the."


patrick said...

jo - beautiful streetlight

bree - tanks!

k-f - ouch. syf. :)

Kristen said...

AAAAAHAHAHAHAA! Great new title - I busted out laughing. And also, burn. :)