Tuesday, January 20, 2009

trying not to think about it

My dad has been on my mind all day. Today is his birthday. He would have been 64. I thought about him most of the day, and it was kind of nice that we had snowfall until three in the afternoon. He really is always in the back of my mind. I can't help but think about him when I come home, because I have lots of his things, and an amazing pencil drawing of me and him from when I was nine, masterfully done by Kristen. So needless to say, I missed him more tonight when I got home from dinner with some friends. It's not really sadness. I just miss him. It's all very strange, because we didn't have that great of a relationship. But what we went through his last couple of years was very tough and powerful, and it still resonates.

Happy 64th, Pop.


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also hug.

Bree said...

also also hug.