Thursday, January 15, 2009

put your feet up. make yourself at home.

like my new look? i've been moody and pensive lately, and therefore "hey presto feng shui!!" here's my new-looking blog.

it's kinda becoming the center of my interweb universe. most of the stuff i used to have bookmarked in my browser is now in my fun sidebar. let me give you a tour of the new, fresh-to-deathness.

picture: that picture is one that kristen took of The Second City box office when we were waiting to get in. "metal heart" is a wonderful song by cat power, but i heard it when pedro the lion covered it. the other two lines are from pedro's song "june 18, 1976." that's basically just me being moody and depressing. i AM feeling a lot better though.

bio line: i actually came up with this because i was sitting around one night thinking about what i could offer in the way of entertainment, and a list of things i do or attempt to do came out. i was going to put "eater" twice, but that didn't really make sense. not that any of it does.

ingestion: this came from allconsuming, a fun site where you can keep up with things you are watching, reading, and listening to, and find out about other good stuff from other people. this is mostly so you can see it and go, "man, he's cool." except for Will, because he's reading from an rss feed and doesn't see the page. (still love you, though. that's a nice little 10px gap there between the body and the sidebar.)

perusal: there's no new blogs listed in my blogroll, but i've been looking around for some good stuff to read, and they'll be there soon.

other coolness: this is my favorite new stuff in the sidebar. i'm very happy to have found donald miller's blog. he's one of my favorite writers. also i found the blog for postsecret. i first found out about post secret last summer when i was visiting rodger and angela in chapel hill, and we were looking around this store waiting for the Dark Knight to start. the guy basically started this project where people send him postcards with secrets on them, and he publishes them anonymously. very heartbreaking and surreal. i teared up while i was looking through the book. IHTFAF is one of my favorite indie music blogs, especially since he's a fan of bazan. there are lots of artist interviews and show downloads and stuff on there. black cab sessions is a new favorite that i got from Will on twitter, so don't miss that. i'll be constantly adding music and photography and other coolness as i find it. but look through all those. they're good.

hilarity: i've had three of those up a long time, and they are still fun. but if you aren't reading xkcd, then hit yourself on the head with a tack hammer. nerdery and comedy combine. failblog is just people falling down and being morons, and that's ALWAYS funny. you can also get to lolcats through there, which is just the cutest thing ever. ahem. scl is a pretty funny take on stuff white people like, so give that a read, too.

so far, the new year has found me a fairly chatty cathy. hopefully, if i'm boring you to death, you can and least find other stuff here to interest you.



Kristen said...

Yay for your return to blogginess and kickass new layout! (and I know you clicked on this thinking "yay, I have a comment!" and then were all like "aw, man it's just kristen. that's not exciting - I talk to that chucklehead all the time." little bit? yeah, I thought so. so, you know, uyaw.) ;)

Bree said...

You couldn't be boring if you tried!

patrick said...

k - i KNEW the first comment was from you. who else WOULD it be? i'd almost be concerned if it wasn't.

b - at first i thought you said "you couldn't be MORE boring if you tried," and i died a little bit inside.