Monday, January 19, 2009

What kind of day has it been

If anyone gets the reference in my title, you get a dollar. Kristen excluded.
It's monday night. It's 10. I'm watching Bill. Bill Cosby Himself. Without hesitation, I will say he is the greatest. Even Chris Rock said it. Rolling Stone asked Chris who the funniest standup of all time was, and he said, "I know I'm supposed to say Richard Pryor, but I have to say Bill Cosby. Pryor was great, but people do imitations of him, and some of them are good. But nobody imitates Cosby. You can't" (paraphrased) Love it love it love it.

So, after going to work at 5 am on Saturday morning and working almost 10 hours, I attempted to rest yesterday. And I did, to a degree. So for some idiotic reason, I decide to get up and go to work an hour early this morning. You know, so I can play on the internet more. And it was a long day. And I got to five o'clock and I was getting up to leave and go to the gym and work off the PizzaHut from lunch. And suddenly, I couldn't find my keys. I checked my pockets 100,000 times. I looked through my desk. I looked through other people's desks. I looked around the track. I looked in the bathrooms. I looked in the MTS room. I looked in the refrigerator. I looked in the trash can. And I found them. In the pocket of the fleece vest that I was wearing under my coat. O_o

So I took out my frustration on the elliptical machine at the gym.

And I got over it.

PS - I realized tonight, maybe for the first time, that there are some people (aside from my family) that are REALLY going to miss me. Happy and sad is a strange mix.


Kristen said...

Aw, I hate being excluded. Sad.

Cosby is great. Hahakeys. Woo for the gym. And of course they will - I know I do (awwww...).

Eric Ryan Harrison said...

I will miss you.